The Ad Store Festival 2022
Wednesday 8 June, 2022
10:00 AM
The Ad Store agencies introduce their OPEN visuals
11:00 AM
Giulio Nadotti  Stranger Insights / How to read a creative campaign
Valdemar Pires  Make ideas, make money / Monetisation in the creative industry
Luis Chica Fuentes  Creativity: a way of living
1:00 PM
Lunch break
Some fresh air
2:00 PM
Keynote speeches
Samuele Franzini Creativity & Innovation
  Creativity & Photography
Frank Pagano  The State of the art of Web3
3:30 PM
NFTs launch
Launch of The Ad Store NFT campaign
4:00 PM
Closing address
Final message by Natalia and toast!
Open innovation
Open Creativity
Open Inspiration
Open Opportunities
Our Guests
Creative Director & Photographer
Internationally renowned Creative and Photographer, featured in Forbes, Vogue, Huffington Post, Wired, Fubiz, Travel + Leisure, Withnews Japan and many more.
Samuele Franzini
Creative Direction, Strategy, Experience Design
CEO &Founder of Wyth and Amigdala, Samuele designs and produces customized brand experiences in physical, digital end virtual environments.
FranK Pagano
Web 3.0, Technology and Blockchain Expert
Frank Pagano is Head of Sales for blockchain company Qiibee, featured in CNN, American Express, Forbes, Newsbit, Business Sight and many other media.
the ad store
NFT Collection
The Ad Store Festival’s concept - OPEN -  translated by our international creatives into a set of NFTsonline NFT art gallery Tokenance and OpenSea. The campaign will be promoted among clients and stakeholders and its proceeds will be donated for charity purposes. The perfect chance to strengthen our values - innovation, creativity and a human approach.
Stranger Insights / How to read a creative campaign
Creative Director and IED Milan teacher, Giulio Nadotti will give us a great toolkit to learn how to look at creative campaigns with new eyes.
Make ideas, make money / Monetisation in the creative industry
The Ad Store NYC CMO and Communication Strategy Head, Valdemar Pires will help us understand how to make a profit with what we can do best: ideas.
Creativity: a way of living
Artist, creative and business developer at The Ad Store Spain, in his lively and engaging session Luis Chica Fuentes will bring us his experience in embedding creativity in every aspect of life.